You deserve a positive birthing experience as you birth in your own power

Comprehensive Doula support and advocacy for mom and birth partners in Tampa Bay, from pregnancy, birth and labor through postpartum 

Let's Work Together

You deserve a positive birthing experience as you birth in your own power

Comprehensive Doula support and advocacy for mom and birth partners in Tampa Bay, from pregnancy, birth and labor through postpartum

Let's Work Together

Healthy, Educated, Empowered Self-Directed Birth

I provide continuous emotional and physical support along with evidence based information so you will have the tools necessary to navigate the medical system, birth your baby and make informed decisions throughout the process. Here are three ways you can work with me. 

I support all births.

Whether in the hospital, at home or in a Birth Center.  Whether unmedicated or epidural assisted.  I provide respectful care to every single woman and their families and look forward to guiding you every step of the way.

I believe in Healthy, Educated, Empowered, and Self Directed Birth.

I’m Tanya and I have a passion for birth work and assisting my clients with evidence based education and support to help them have the positive, life-changing birth experience they deserve and desire.

I am a certified Doula with Doula Training International, Instructor with Evidence Based Birth®, and a certified Hypnobirthing® Childbirth Educator.

My services include prenatal appointments, on- call support for labor and delivery, Childbirth Education, Hypnobirthing and Postpartum visits.

I support ALL births. Whether in the hospital, at home or in a Birth Center.  Whether they are unmedicated or epidural assisted.  I provide respectful care to every single woman and their families and look forward to guiding you every step of the way.

What it’s like to have Tanya at your birth?

“On a scale of 1-10 Tanya is a 16. This was our 3rd pregnancy and our only regret is not knowing to hire Tanya for the first 2. Her cool, calm and collected nature made the delivery process one we will cherish always. She was a mediator and encourager like no other. If you’re on the edge about hiring Tanya, do it and thank me later”.

– Jordan Johnson

“An incredible woman with an incredible heart that made my home birth experience perfection. She was attentive, caring, and brought so much love to our birth. Having her there brought me comfort and happiness”

– Kelsea Koenreich

“I absolutely love Tanya! Best doula ever alive. She is so passionate about this line of work. She is very loving, sensitive, caring, and is the one you need by your side when you’re going through your birth journey! I was her first and if I ever decide to have another baby she will be by my side every step of the way! I love you Tanya!!”

-Deanna Zoe

Wow, there’s so much to write but I will make it brief- Tanya is professional yet personal. She has answered every question I have had about birth and after. Her communication is beyond satisfactory and I am so glad she was with Shey throughout the whole process. I’ve never had heard of a doula until Tanya and now I see how great this practice is for all mothers in the birthing process and men too! Thank you for all you do!

-Micah Morgan

Tanya was an integral part of my birth and postpartum experience. My pregnancy required bed rest so I needed to find an online birthing class option. Tanya was able to provide the guidance and support my husband and I needed to head into our birth with confidence. Through Zoom meetings, phone calls, texts, and reading materials, she provided us with the knowledge and resources we needed, as well as the genuine loving care that made our experience the magical and intimate birth we had hoped for. I couldn’t recommend Tanya more highly, she was absolutely born for this!

Serina Ehoff

I wouldn’t have made it through this journey without these 3 blessings.. my faith in God, my husband, and my doula Tanya. I was in communication with her from day 1 of finding out I was pregnant. She supported me as a stranger the first month or so when I found out I was pregnant and was having a few scares. Turns out, baby and myself were healthy! I hired her immediately and she educated me, loved me, and supported me the whole way through! I also hired her for training in hypnobirthing… not only is this great for birth, but through life and helping me sleep during pregnancy. She will support you wherever you decide to birth and however you decide to do it! I was planning to deliver at a hospital, and I had built more confidence and followed my dreams to deliver at a birth center! Which is exactly what we did! Her and my husband pushed me and comforted me during my 16 hour labor and 4 hours of pushing. Tanya is now forever part of our family, she was there for the most important day of my husbands and I life.. she welcomed baby laila with us ❤️ thanks for being apart of our journey”



Words can not express the great experience we had with Tanya. Doula is not just a title that Tanya has, but a gift that God has given her. From day one to the end of our little “Miracle” journey from inside the womb, Tanya has been nothing but amazing! She’s not just a doula, but also a guidance, security, and best of all a great FRIEND! Tanya, you are truly an expert at what you do. Thank you for all that you do for my little family, God bless you!


We chose Tanya for so many reasons and we are so glad we did. She is a God loving sweet soul, that truly has a passion for people and for the blessing of birth . She is aware of the stressors, the secret fears , the doubts and the “what if’s “ we all have as soon -to -be -parents. She incorporated my husband in every discussion /option and he was a huge part of the birth with hands on experiences to now cherish . She helped to empower us both to feel confident, calm and open to the experiences ahead . She thought of all the details and had it all covered before we even asked! Our daughter’s birth was beautiful and Tanya had a lot to do with it. She was available over the phone and ready to help in person all through the early hours of labor. During active labor, she had a calm touch. Through the time,she reminded us of our birth plan . She kept us focused and had great ideas to soothe us,to nourish us and to keep me as the mother moving and birth progressing . She was there just enough to feel that she was available but not so much that she took over the room. Her footprint was small or big depending on the situation and what we needed. She worked like a championship teammate with the midwives and staff of USF at TGH. They clicked right away. Their mission was the same and you could feel the love and caring from all of them . Her after-care was more than we could have ever ask for. Tanya stayed after the birth to celebrate, and care for us. She checked on us often with calls and visits. She made sure we were emotionally and physically ok and that we were connected to any resources we needed ( post natal massage , placenta encapsulation , lactation consultant ) Tanya has become more like a friend /a family member than a Doula to us. As a chiropractor, I meet many holistic care givers and she is one that is unforgettable and I have already referred two of my dearest patients / friends to her . I trust her to deliver excellent service to my loved ones . Thank you and God bless you Tanya!”


– Erica Lopez


“Having Tanya at my labor gave me so much comfort with emotional and physical support that I’m eternally grateful for. Tanya gave me so much guidance with her knowledge and her kind hearted loving personality. I felt very comforted, calm and relaxed during my labor. My natural birth was an incredible experience for my first born”

– Sarah Terry

“Thanks to Tanya I was able to have the strength to birth the way I planned.  She is the sweetest, so caring and knowledgeable. I’m so glad we were able to work together and build a bond that continues even after my baby is here.”

– Christine Perez

“My wife and I feel really lucky to have found Tanya to be our doula for the birth of our daughter. She really made a huge difference right from the first interview we did with her. When we told her we were feeling ambivalent about our provider, she encouraged us to check out all our options—we ended up switching to Labor of Love birth center and we’re very glad we did. Also, when my wife was having trouble sleeping due to back and hip pain, Tanya encouraged us to find a chiropractor—again, it made a huge difference. She had less pain after the first treatment. Then there is our 5 year old son, who immediately took a liking to Tanya. When our childcare plan fell through at the last minute (!) Tanya was super flexible and really helped us make it work having him at the birth center during labor. She is such a naturally thoughtful and caring person. It made a big difference just to have her there all along the way, helping us prepare and think things through, helping take care of details so we could concentrate on more immediate concerns, and not to mention being such a strong, encouraging and reassuring presence during labor!”


– Bradley Jones

“Tanya is passionate about what she does. She makes sure you feel supported no matter how you decide to birth. When I found out I was pregnant I reached out to find out how I could go about a waterbirth. She offered guidance and gave me direction. She was willing to share her knowledge without hesitation. I felt mistreated at my obgyn and hired Tanya to help me during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. The first visit with Tanya it felt a weight was lifted off my shoulder. I had the best sleep in months. I started to glow. I felt safe, heard, and supported. Tanya was there every step of the way and went above and beyond what I expected


– Shey Nichole