Are Your Fears Holding Your Children Back?

Fears are generally caused by the unknown. Judgements on the unknown create discrimination. Discrimination can be prevented with education. 

As I write this in regards to snakes, this type of fear and discrimination can be related to pretty much anything. But the first thing we must do is acknowledge, then educate, then overcome.  

14 years with this Mom title, 3 children and they each continue to teach me in their own way. At first the lessons may appear to be superficial, but I like to dig a little deeper. I like to pull the root out of the bottom and examine it in its entirety. 

By allowing the girls to choose this beautiful animal, that I was always frightened off, let me see that in the past, I was projecting my fears upon them. Their thoughts and actions. As a mother, that is absolutely the last thing I want to do.  Especially as a homeschooler/unschooler. One of my primary goals is to educate based on exploring. 

So when the idea of a snake was brought up for a new pet, I said sure. Let’s educate. Let’s talk to the professionals and find out if this is a good fit for our family.  I’m also in the process of creating some lesson plans regarding the life cycle, anatomy, different species, and care of snakes. 

Turns out all my preconceptions of this animal were wrong. Completely wrong actually. And now I’m obsessed with our new family member, Pumpkin. I learned that Ball Pythons are one of the most calm snakes and make great pets for children. 

So let’s get back to where the root was pulled. What other fears do I have that could be holding my children back? What fears do you have? 

When our children see our calmness in certain situations that some may deem scary, they will most likely react displaying the same calm behavior as their parents. However, if we overreact, become anxious, scared, our children will also feed off that energy in the same manner. 

Its human nature for adults to see the risks and not the joy that children immediately see. But my goal going forward, is to acknowledge what some of this fears may be ahead of time and not project them upon to my children. If possible, having them share in my experience of overcoming them. As we did with Pumpkin. 



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