How To Have An Empowering Birth

Baby on board? How do you take control of your body, your mind and have an empowering birth?

Women are taught to not question their doctors. Simply nod and smile while their birth plans are being ripped apart piece by piece. Unnecessary interventions. Lack of support. Some make you feel powerless and negligent if you go against their proposals.

“Your cervix has to be checked or you are putting your baby at risk”….to a client at her 36 week appointment with no prior health complications that refused cervical exams.

“I really hope your birth is as magical as you think it will be because it doesn’t always go as planned”…in a sarcastic tone…To client after she said she wants to have an unmedicated birth.

“You aren’t going to be able to continue on and push your baby out without an epidural”. “Everyone gets one”.

“I knew a woman who choose not to induce and her baby died”…said to a women only 40 Weeks and 3 days, since she refused induction.

These are statements I have heard in my first year as a doula from medical professionals. Placing fear into women. Fear without education places you into a very vulnerable position to make choices you otherwise wouldn’t.

What can you do?

As soon as you become pregnant, EDUCATE, create your birth team, use your voice and educate some more and prepare your mind for this powerful transformation.

We must educate ourselves on birth and what our amazing bodies are capable. Birth is not a medical event. Our bodies are not broken. They are made to birth.

If birthing in a hospital, check their cesarean rates.

Prepare your birth wishes and present to your care providers. If they mock, negatively speak of your plan, or you just feel uncomfortable around them, it’s never to late to find another provider. I have seen women switch at 38 weeks.

Ask your medical professionals what their philosophy’s are on pregnancy and birth. Create notes before you meet with them, ensuring you cover all your concerns.

When do they routinely induce clients? How far will they allow you to go naturally?

Research what a doula is, and decide if hiring one is right for you. A doulas primary role is to support you emotionally, physically and provide educational tools to assist you throughout your pregnancy and birth. They are your advocate.

Research childbirth classes. Hypnobirthing educators in your area and other useful preparation tools.

No matter how many children you have, every birth experience is unique and special and should be cherished.

Wherever and however you decide to give birth is your choice. Prepare and educate to birth with respect, without distractions or unneeded interventions.

The empowerment, confidence and strength I gained from birthing my last child in a respected environment at home, was simply life changing. Especially after having two hospital experiences where I wasn’t respected. Not heard. And in return, set me on a path to become a doula and help bring awareness and education to women during the most beautiful journey.

I trust women. I trust birth. With education, you can make informed choices regarding your body and your baby and choose your dream birth team. You can have an empowering birth. This is your body. Your baby. Take the control back.

If anyone is located in the Tampa Bay Area and needs referrals, please message me!


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