New Date Night Idea!

Why you should trade in your weekly dates for one big monthly, stay out until the next morning date!


And nooooo the answer isn’t to make babies. But if that’s the goal, it’s the perfect plan!


Everyone knows the importance of making time for their partner but how many of us truly set the date and follow through? Statistically speaking, I know those numbers aren’t as high as they should be. 


We don’t need date nights to “get away from the kids”.  They are my life. Our life. But if we want a foundation so strong that withstands any storm….and raise these children happily and in harmony, we must make time for each other. 


Your marriage depends on it. Your family depends on it. Marriages need maintenance. 


Here are are a few reasons why dates are crucial in a marriage:



A mutual respect and understanding can’t come if you are unaware of what your partners current emotional and mental status is because you never take the time to communicate. Without these one on ones, I have no idea what’s going on professionally with my husband. How I can support him? Listen to him. His ideas. Share our thoughts..ideas..dreams and goals for the future together. Support each other. Doing this without our beautiful interruptions and distractions. 

Rekindling the friendship 

One of the largest reasons relationships fail, is because there is no friendship. It becomes lost. Without friendship there is no respect. My husband is my best friend. We may have our disagreements but we do not fight and disrespect each other. 

Building more memories just the two of you 

These moments allow you to connect in a way you did before kids. When it was just the two of you. Rekindle that romance. Step away from the daily stressors and remember what brought you together and continue to create beautiful experiences and memories.

Reasons date nights get canceled:

•Scheduled too often and can sometimes be stressful planning week to week. 

•Not finding childcare 


•Something last minute comes up 

•Work schedule 

•Who’s in charge of planning?

Many of these reasons can be solved by having one designated special date night a month. 

Maybe you plan it one month…then your spouse plans the next. Ensuring thought goes into the details. Planning once a month is much easier then stressing out where to go every week. I’m not saying weekly dates are bad but if you are like us and childcare is extremely limited and with busy schedules, monthly just works better for us. 

We have decided on skipping the weekly and doing a hotel once a month. Typically a dinner out runs around $50, combined with babysitter of $60. 

For a total of $110 weekly in our situation. If you save that amount for 3 weeks, you have a nice hotel and dinner once a month!

My husband will always be my highest priority. I will always choose him first. Because without him there is no us. Our marriage depends on it. Our family depend on it. Make the time and happy planning! 


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