Respect Is Taught At Home

Don’t just teach your daughters how to protect themselves. More importantly teach your sons how to respect women.  

Perhaps when we teach boys to feel and care for others in the same manner our girls are taught, we won’t need congressional testimonials. Stop treating our boys emotional needs differently than our girls. A good human is a good human. Period. It has NOTHING to do with gender. 


Women are the portal to life. How do we disrespect her in any shape or form?

Boys..young men…men, must speak up when they witness wrongful acts by other men. To defend women. To always stand up for what’s right. To treat all women with the same respect as they do their mother. Their sisters. 


No will always mean no. This really shouldn’t be that hard to comprehend. 

All children should be taught to stand up for themselves AND to stand up for others. I want my children to know that it’s just as bad to watch something they know is wrong, yet say nothing. Or do nothing.  Have a voice and make a stand. Too many people chose to look the other way. Not get involved. 


They must understand that their actions and behaviors today will affect their future. 


I’m also blessed with a husband/best friend/their father…whom respects women as equals but on many occasions places us higher…you know the whole birth thing as an example. 


These brave women standing up today are saving our children. Bringing others to the forefront. I support you and our children’s future. I pray our daughters never have to endure what you, myself and other women have. I know it’s up to us to change the narrative…and with many things in this world that need to be rewritten, it starts with our children and with some good parenting!


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