I believe Journeys are always better with a guide and even better with friends, which is why I believe this is the best way for us to start working together...Now Introducing:

Your complete pregnancy guide to reclaiming your birth, 

reclaim your rights as a woman, 

and reclaim motherhood.


Here Is A Glimpse Of The Training Inside This Course:

Hello Mama, May I Share Why I Started This?

After a traumatic birth with my second child, I decided then and there that I was never going to have that kind of birth experience again.

It was full of fear tactics, lack of respect, and utterly dehumanizing!

I wanted to have more children, but I vowed never to be mistreated at birth again.

I wanted to fully embrace and experience the power within me to birth my babies, and guess what?

I went on to have two more children, each born at home, and each of these births were the most amazing, powerful, and beautiful family experience!

This was what all women deserve to experience when bringing their babies into this world. And unfortunately, this isn’t what is offered to many mothers today.

This is what continues to fuel my passion for doing everything that I can to make this a reality for as many women as possible!

So I created something affordable & accessible to all women that you can access right from your phone or computer!

If you are ready to heal your mind, soul, and body as you create one within you, join us in this incredible and growing community of like-minded mothers. I cannot wait to meet you & see you in there.

“Tanya has a birth course, that I joined right away to start learning more about unmedicated birthing.Roar Like a Mama is full of information and discusses in detail the different phases of labor, workouts, breathing techniques during labor., and so much more! The hypnobirthing tracks were amazing in preparing myself daily to have an amazing birth! Tanya, throughout my pregnancy, has been supportive, inspirational, empowering, and calm. She has become a part of our family and a wonderful friend. She provided the tools needed to mentally get out of my own way without fear of birthing. I had the best birth experience thanks to Tanya and all her education. I recommend Tanya to anyone looking for a doula or needing more education from her birth course.”

In Roar Like A Mama, we are passionate about our health and fitness long before conception. 

We continue to exercise and nourish our bodies. 

We don’t care what others think when they say pregnancy is a handicap.

 We know it’s the opposite. 

A Miraculous SuperPower! 


Here Is What You Get In Roar Like A Mama Course:

Your Birth Membership


every month

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What you’ll get:

Your Birth Membership


for 3 Months

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What you’ll get:

Your Birth Membership


for 12 Months

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What you’ll get:


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