Self Care is Self Love

Self care starts at home.

It doesn’t have to be getting your nails done OR spending a bunch of money you don’t have on shit you don’t need. I mean if that’s your thing that lights you up, then go ahead. But the way we take care of ourselves from the inside out, is where we create positive long term changes in our health. Physical and emotional.

We all are aware of the benefits. We know when our cup is full, it flows over onto our children, our partners. We are happy. We are patient. Well more than normal. So how do we make the time?

Taking care of ourselves first just doesn’t happen when we have children. I get it. Times 4. It comes down to the village. Many of us don’t have one. It’s not that easy to just pack up and do as we’d like. To get a babysitter all the time gets expensive. An extra expense we don’t have. So what do we do?

Self care at home.

For you mamas out there that are kicking butt and raising your children solo..I have been there. You can get up a little earlier, barter with some friends and watch their kids once a week, ASK for help from family. I know that’s a scary word. Ask. As it took me many years of self neglect, to finally open my mouth and realize it’s OK to ask for help. It doesn’t make us any less of a woman, of a mother.

For me, sometimes it’s just hey babe…can I please shower by myself? Wash my hair, do a face mask, take my sweet time. See you in a hour or two. You know not my normal two minute rinse off while the older kids are in the tub and baby sitting outside the shower while at least one of them is screaming for me?

Or go to your room, light a candle, read a book. Have a glass of wine or a cup of tea.

Exercise. Yoga. Cook. Write. Draw.

One of my favorite self care practice, is calling a friend. Many of us without a village at our fingertips feel isolated. Feeling alone in motherhood is hard. Take time to connect with your friends even if it’s only a phone call or Skype. Without the kids. Because Lord knows you can’t finish a sentence with the kids around and end up opening ten different topics with no conclusions.

Mediate. Self reflect. Practice your breathing.

Then when you come out of your space and see daddy chilling with the kids so comfortably, looking his sexiest…because let’s face it…There is NOTHING sexier than a Dad being a Dad. You feel good. Reset. And everyone benefits from a healthy and happy mama!


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