Three Essential Postpartum Baskets You Need.

Hey mamas. Don’t just prepare for your baby, prepare for yourself. Postpartum. The Fourth Trimester.

37 weeks in a few days. Emotional highs and lows this week. Nesting like crazy. Thinking how am I already this far along with our last baby.

Looking back at my last three pregnancies, I’m realizing how many things I wish I would have done…for MYSELF….before we welcomed our new babe.

Besides preparing for the birth of your baby with education, birth team selection and the mental aspects of preparing for labor, the next most important thing you should do is prepare for your life with a newborn.

I’m not talking about the nursery. I’m talking important. Your postpartum care. Your needs and wants during this special time.

Finding out who will be in your inner circle with support, meals, chores, help with other children.

I want to provide some tips as I’m currently completing my essentials. We didn’t have a baby shower this time but if I did, I would have definitely added these items versus a ton of little clothes that never get worn.

I created three different baskets. One for my aftercare that will be conveniently located next to the toilet, a breastfeeding/mama special needs basket next to my bed, and a baby basket.

Aftercare basket:

• Padsicles(ensuring I have all ingredients to make and prepare them ahead of time)

• Perineal bottle

• Perineal spray

• Sitz bath

• Extra panties that are extra large and you don’t care to get messy

• Adult diapers

• Tucks pads

• Vitamins (Don’t forget to continue taking them)

Breastfeeding basket:

• Most important, ensuring I have phone number of local lactation consultant in case I need to schedule a home visit

• Nipple cream

• Nursing pads

• Hair ties

• Breastfeeding books

• Breast pump

• Bottles of water

• Healthy snacks

• Nursing pillow

Newborn basket:

• Plenty of diapers and wipes

• Coconut oil for those early meconium stools and also good for your bottom!

• Onesies

• Baby blankets

• Diaper ointment

• Hand sanitizer

It only took me three babies to figure it out, but I know better this time and will be the most prepared I have ever been.

Overall, I also hope to give myself the grace that I encourage other moms to give themselves. This time I’m hunkering down and giving myself the time to heal from the inside out. No expectations.


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