Time To Step Up Dads

Hey dads. You are and will always be her first example of what a man is.

Don’t just teach your daughter, show her.

How a man treats a woman. How he speaks of a woman. And most importantly the way you treat her mother.

When you treat her mother with respect, you are instilling in her that not only is her mom a queen, but she is worthy. And she will seek for nothing less.

Dads listen to her. When’s she’s brave enough to empty her heart out. Listen. Believe her and stand up for her. Protect her. Make her feel safe.

Societies shortcomings are scaring me right now. When women being victimized becomes so normalized, change must begin. Because when change doesn’t happen, we tell “men”, it’s ok to continue on assaulting women because it’s our word over theirs. Women won’t be believed or they won’t be strong enough to come forward. My stomach drops as I write this. But this is the cycle.

Thank God my children have a real man in their home. A Godly, respectful, morally and loyal man. One to whom they look up too and can talk to about anything. One that will override all the ugliness of the world while providing the role model they need.

I pray our children will seek healthy relationships in all areas of their life. Ones that embody equality and pure love. And when they see the opposite, they will know to walk away.

Start now dads. Your daughters are never too young to notice and feel your actions. You can’t change how others will act, but you can instill what a real man is in her.

AND if you truly care about your daughter, you will care about the rights of all women.


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